When The Levy Breaks

So if you follow this blog regularly, you know there hasn’t been anything to read lately! I apologize for this, but in my defense I’ve been a train wreck of anxiety, with a small dash of depression.
I don’t know if the new meds are creating the problem, or keeping even bigger crisis at bay, but either way it’s left me with thousands of things to write in my head at any given second, but can’t hold a single one in my head long enough to transcribe it to computer, or even paper.

Today however I got a reality check in this department. I met with my guru, and I had to basically write an essay for the SSI/SSDI claim including gruesome emotionally draining facts from  the past 40 F’n years. All done by trembling hand.

Don’t know what I have left in me to say right now, but I’d think it’s safe to say the drain got unclogged a bit today! LOL

I’ll be back soon, I have a post to the great Wu Tang Clan I need to get out there 😉

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