Virtual Street Performance: Me acoustic and Harmonica

Ok hears the deal. Since I learned to play harmonica I’ve been performing on the street, and it’s been a wonderfully liberating experience.

The purpoise here is to raise money to take this site to full multimedia video blog, with live homeless round table discusions, video blogging of my day to experience. May even stream you a live anxiety attack or two 🙂
Point being instead of finding words to tell you my experiences, I’m simply going to bring adventures directly to you!
Basically I need to come up with $400, to upgrade to a new droid phone with front and back facing video cameras, 4G network, and hot spot capability to help others access resources on my laptop wherever we are.
I have $200 coming next week via check, so I’ll be half way there next week. Also need $40 to get a license for street performing, so I can play at prime spots like the subways, and Fanuel Hall!!

Anyway, onto the performances. These are not the best, just F’n around. Kinda sloppy and my fingers were cold. I also made forst attempt playing guitar while holding the harmonica…. kind of a mess, but fun.
Once I can get a brace to hold the harmonca while I play guitar, we’ll be at a whole new level 🙂


So please, if I entertain you, drop a little something in my “hat”, by using the donate button on the bottom of this post after the videos. Thank you, and happy holidays to all!!

Me Playing original tune on acoustic


Me Playing some random blues harmonica


Just F’n around with Gutar and Harmonica

Here’s one that a mess, but it’s just kind of fun seeing as it’s real. some random basic blues while attempting to play Guitar with a Harmonica in my hand… then into some Jimi Hendrix “Hey Joe”



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