Boston Red Sox and Heading Home

Have to give some video love to my shelter today…. “Heading Home”.
Especially my case manager, he went out of his way to get us Red Sox tickets, and truth is i’ve been a bit of a Dick to him last couple months.
This mental healing process is much bigger process than i ever imagined, and seeing as how long it took for me to find right people to talk to, its been lots of frustration.
However now that I’m comfortable with both therapist and psychiatrist i’ve opened up, and holy shit dude, looking back now makes my Fucking head spin…. Literally

So i know an apology isn’t even what’s needed here, just me staying focused.
Sitting by back bay, coming from DTA once again, with still more papers needed from my new checking acct.
This combined with with me now just having a verification of acct pending, at $0.
Not even counting in the stamps they just gave me.
So have to come back here again somehow before meeting you tomorrow. THIS is why i curl up and hide from it at times… Its just… So…
Fucking Stupid! I hate having to try and explain this shit, it just works me up again! Lol

Anyway thanks for the tickets, and see you st the game

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