4am, Some Things You Need to Understand About Me

Sitting here wide awake and i need to bring folks up to speed on a few thingsĀ  šŸ™‚
This past week I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with some old friends, but it’s clear there is a learning curve involved here.
No offense should be taken, these are things you all wouldn’t know, but need to.

In regards to an invite, to meet up with a friend close to Boston that involves a storm and an overnight stay.
Here’s the thing(s)
1: simply put, i can’t/won’t/don’t want to, spend 24 hrs with anyone.
There’s people I’d consider a lifetime with that i wouldn’t spend 24hrs with right now

2: staying in hotel, potentially means windows don’t open….. After the amount of time i spent outside, I’m still adjusting. I’ve had the windows wide open all winter because i freak out without the fresh air. It would be an hour, two tops, before i wouldn’t be able to breathe and my skin would be crawling

3: Later today my tablet arrives. All the writing and website work I’ve waiting to do for a YEAR can now be started. I can’t take a DAY to hang our. Not happening

4: i have my sick disabled mother in the same building here that i take care of. What if Sunday was more snow and couldn’t get back

5: And this is an important one. This plan was kind of made and then i was informed.
I have been shut in, alone on the Street, in pure survival mode, completely defiant of any structure.
I can’t be told how anything is going to play out.
You can tell me we’re going for steaks with the Swedish Bikini team, and all that is going to come out of my mouth is that nobody is going to tell me how I’m going to spend my day lol
Well intended or not
It also plays to a HUGE pet peave of mine, where because of my situation people assume my schedule wide open for anything at any time.

6: pick me up early morning? Not happening. I spend my nights awake worrying about stupid shit like this, i won’t deal with anyone in the morning lol

Seriously, you guys have to understand I’m fucked in the head, so there are definitely things to work around.

I’m always happy to meet with someone for coffee or a meal, but Jesus himself could come down to meet me, and after 2 hrs I’m done with him lol

Again, don’t take offense, I’m not wired the same


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