Ankle busted, hope fading, & clarity from rage

I’ve had enough. Seriously, every time i think I’m a little ahead, there’s a reminder that no good deed goes unpunished.

Sitting in hospital waiting for a cast on my ankle.
Because i have Mass Health, and I’m in RI, they are going to bill me.

THE BEAUTY of the system is that they WANT ME IN THE STREET.
I’ve lost a bunch of resources now by taking a temp roof for the winter.
I stand a very good chance of losing my upcoming SSI COURT in April because of this as well.

I give what i get, I’ve taken a new more humane approach to life, but because i don’t want to roll over like a helpless animal, i loose.

This shit is just about over. I’m about done trying to “draw within the lines” of a system that wants to see me helpless and weak.
Its about time to bend that system over and screw it.

So for the moment,.I’m stuck at hospital, and when its time to go, I’ll be sent into the snow, with crutches, and a bill.
I have money i earned from a job yesterday that i was saving for a tablet, but that’s off the table now too.
That’s ok, I’ll get one, i just won’t go over the table anymore. Going back to my thug attitude. And frankly as for helping others, I’ll be able to do that much better as well. As long as i stick to the same respect for the system that it had given me, I’ll do just fine for myself and others.

As for the moment, what i really need is a few bucks to get home from the hospital later by cab.
I have cash at home, but none on me. I have my Paypal debit card with me.
Can Paypal the money back to you if you like, but can’t do it till Tues morning when bank opens. Have to deposit cash to send Paypal via debit.

As for everything else, i think I’ll be fine. Expect nothing from the system, so that is exactly what i will give to it.
Done jumping through hoops. Time to knock them down our walk right around them.


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