Burgers & Coffee for the cold and hungry

So last outreach we managed to give out a truckload of much needed clothing to individuals on the street as well as local shelter. This weekend I’m hitting the streets again with more giftcards, as well as a bag of burgers 😉
I’m starting with my own $50 contribution. Last week I started and ended with my own donation. Hopefully I can get you all to rise up and help me make this a success on a larger scale.
Ideally, I would like to do about $200 in gift cards, and $100 in burgers to start.
More is better, and if I get no help that’s ok too, I’m still spending what I have, so ppl get fed either way, but I could really use your help. 
What I learned during the clothing outreach, is that the one org that fed ppl on sundays in Cambridge,  no longer does!!
There is NO FOOD available at all on Sundays anymore in Cambridge!
Please, give what you can! Its hard enough on the street any given day, but ppl need to eat, and the fact that fellow humans go hungry on a day known for feasting is just shamefull.
Lets try to change just a little bit.

Please give what you can, or to send gift dards direct, email me, Gary @ homesslife .com and we csn make arrangements.

Note: As I went to edit to add totals, the first $50 donation came in! Bless you Gina! 🙂

As of Sat afternoon 1:30 pm;

My cash (thank you E-bay): $50
PayPal Donations: $110
Current Total: $160

Gift Cards bought:$140
With PayPal fee, Atm, & travel, that lands us back around…
Current available funds: $0




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