I’m going home

Over the last two years I’ve shared some of the most brutal moments of my reality.
I’ve shared my fear, my flaws, certainly my weaknesses,  and I’ve never held back, no matter how sensative an issue. I’ve dealt with the eveyday struggle of bring homeless,  which I must say, now matter how capable you think you are if handling such a situation,  you’re not.
The past two years have been absolutely surreal. I’ve experienced things, and seen things that have blown my fucking mind, and trust me, I was at a point in my life where for the normal person, I really had seen and done it all already, but holy shit, the streets step that game right up. I thought I knew the streets, but when it’s your home, it’s a whole new perspective.

I’ve shed a lot of tears for others and myself, however this morning I find myself listening to the the Rocky Horror soundtrack, and the song “Im Going Home” just grabbed me and brought me to tears. One thing different though, it’s actually tears of joy.
Next week will be 2 years to the day when I first became homeless.Now as I write this I’m looking at a world of opportunity.
I’ll be able to move into a small studio or one bedroom for as long as I need to wait for my subsidized disabled housing to come through.
I’ll be able to start the business that I’ve dreamt of, on my own with nobody else to slow me down. As well as do a ton of good for the people on the streets.
StreetLevelServices.com will be a corporate funded division of my company. 🙂
I can’t run an NPO. I’d have to answer to too many people, and frankly I’m doing an outreach event in the next coiuple of weeks and I’ve raised $10. What the fuck can I do with a ten spot.
I can’t really on donated funding. Rather just do the donating myself and just put it exactly where I want it.
Side note, Any donations between now and the outreach, I will personally match dollar for dollar, up to $500. So if I will, what’s your excuse? ;}

Going to be a very busy month of May, but by the end of spring you will see some amazing things happening here at my camp.
Next month I’m going to take a little much needed vacation, and come back fresh and ready to take over the world. In a good way :-}
Thank you to almost all of you. Fuck you to the rest


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