Now that I’m housed

Since i have a couple of worlds colliding, I’m reposting this for quick wrap up of when, why, and what next
I’m housed for couple months now, so all good šŸ™‚

Street Level Services
We Go Where the System Won’t

About SLS:
Simply put, we dedicate ourselves to helping who we can, when we can, however we can.
Founder, Gary Johnston, has taken his life experiences and used them to push through the barriers of a failing system.
In early 2011 Gary had become homeless. Not because of addiction, or because of a suffering economy, but like many people suffered extreme trauma in life, and one day it caught up and life became unmanagable.
From the time of becominmg homeless is was only a matter of weeks before realizing that while working on his own healing, there was a lot that he could do to help others right away.
While eperiencing a system that dragged people along with seemingly no relief in sight, it became crystal clear that peoples imediate needs were being grossly overlooked.
All the resources in the world won’t help you when you can’t make an apointment because you don’t have the transit cost to keep your apointments.
A shelter to sleep at night is great, but it don’t help when you’re pushed out into the street all day in the rain and cold without proper clothing. Being on a list for future housing does you no good if you won’t survive the winter.
The system can work, but there’s too many gaps left to chance.
A person who is jumping through hoops to keep up with all the red tape, and giving 100% effort to better their lives, should never have to choose between making it to an apointment or making it to a soup kitchen to eat.

In the first year of homelessness, Gary utalised his 15yrs of social media and managerial experience, to form contacts and build relationships with other organizations and individuals to start making imediate change. The best part is the help goes directly where it’s needed because from street level you know eactly who needs what.
In this time, right from the street, Gary has managed to supply clothing, hygiene products, food, camping gear, computers, phones, and more to hundred of people with imediate needs.
Organized multiple clothing and food drives, as well as group trips and outings to bring a sence of normalcy back to peoples lives so they don’t forget what it is they are trying to regain from life.
We’ve helped families make holiay special for thier children, and even housed an elderly man for the final months of his life.
Gary has opened people eyes to the harsh reality through his brutal unpolished writing of his expeiences, as well as had the oportunity to speak at the Social Media Strategies Summit on how homeless and NPO’s can utalize social media to gain an advantage outside of the sytem
All of this acomplished while homeless.

Now on more stable ground, with a roof over his head, it’s time for the vision to come to life on a larger level.

By supporting Street Level Services you will have one gaurantee, results, no matter how big or small.
Donating your money, you will have the satisfaction of knowing it’s going to directly help the overlooked and forgotten.
Donating your time you will have the satisfaction to see crutial gaps being filled in peoples lives.

What you won’t get supporting us:
You won’t get cute team Tshirts. We clothe those in need.
You won’t be called a hero. We’re all human, and caring for each other is a responsibilty. We simply focus on material, financial, and medical needs. We do not stroke egos. There are plenty of other organizations that will spend your money to make you a plaque or Tshirt. We are not that oranization.

At this time we need your help getting started so we can officially launch by Spring.
Once we’re up and running we will be able to supply you the info so your donations are tax exempt, but for right now we need you to help for one simple reason
People need help, and we are ready to keep giving it.

Please give with your heart, you can’t put a price on human dignity!

We also need equipment like computer/tablet, as well as taking any material donations you may want to prt with.
To arange material donations email BostonHomeless @ gmail

All help is greatly apreciated. We don’t just think outside the box, we act outside of it as well to get true results to make genuine impact

Thank You,
Gary Johnston
Founder Street Level Services

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