Rally Time

So as I move forward and start getting ready
to begin some real fundraising, all I can think
to myself is it’s about time to rally the bikers!!

My Tattoo’d, beer bellied, brothers. Start
passing the word, we are goin to need to get a
run set up for spring.

Also thinking poker tourney soon 🙂

In the meantime, I’m still desperately doing
grass root fundraising so I can get corporated
as legit NPO.
Need legal fees, equipment, software…. So
any bit of help is greatly apreciated.
Please hit that sexy lil’ donate button.
I heard when you donate that a kitten gets a
tasty treat from an angel. For realz

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4am, Some Things You Need to Understand About Me

Sitting here wide awake and i need to bring folks up to speed on a few things  🙂
This past week I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with some old friends, but it’s clear there is a learning curve involved here.
No offense should be taken, these are things you all wouldn’t know, but need to.

In regards to an invite, to meet up with a friend close to Boston that involves a storm and an overnight stay.
Here’s the thing(s)
1: simply put, i can’t/won’t/don’t want to, spend 24 hrs with anyone.
There’s people I’d consider a lifetime with that i wouldn’t spend 24hrs with right now

2: staying in hotel, potentially means windows don’t open….. After the amount of time i spent outside, I’m still adjusting. I’ve had the windows wide open all winter because i freak out without the fresh air. It would be an hour, two tops, before i wouldn’t be able to breathe and my skin would be crawling

3: Later today my tablet arrives. All the writing and website work I’ve waiting to do for a YEAR can now be started. I can’t take a DAY to hang our. Not happening

4: i have my sick disabled mother in the same building here that i take care of. What if Sunday was more snow and couldn’t get back

5: And this is an important one. This plan was kind of made and then i was informed.
I have been shut in, alone on the Street, in pure survival mode, completely defiant of any structure.
I can’t be told how anything is going to play out.
You can tell me we’re going for steaks with the Swedish Bikini team, and all that is going to come out of my mouth is that nobody is going to tell me how I’m going to spend my day lol
Well intended or not
It also plays to a HUGE pet peave of mine, where because of my situation people assume my schedule wide open for anything at any time.

6: pick me up early morning? Not happening. I spend my nights awake worrying about stupid shit like this, i won’t deal with anyone in the morning lol

Seriously, you guys have to understand I’m fucked in the head, so there are definitely things to work around.

I’m always happy to meet with someone for coffee or a meal, but Jesus himself could come down to meet me, and after 2 hrs I’m done with him lol

Again, don’t take offense, I’m not wired the same


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Returning to a years worth of work

My Samsung Tab2  7.0 arrives tomorrow. I haven’t had real tools to work with, or the desire/attention to over the last year.
When i left the shelter and started staying “out” i drifted pretty far from myself, so this place was last thing on my mind.
I gave the laptop i had to a very positive, hard working homeless mother, who was starting college classes.
Simply said, she needed it more then i did.

So since returning to society everything I’ve been writing and doing had been on my phone.
It’s very difficult, and in some cases impossible to do what i need to in cleaning this site up and updating everything.
As well as allot of writing to be done. So many experiences to write about.

Anyway, can’t wait to digg my heels in and get started!
Currently accepting donations for pizza and energy drinks for the days of no sleep coming up  🙂

Next 6 weeks is all Web work, doctor appointments, and lawyers, leading up to my disability court date.

Strap in kids, going to jump off in here soon lol


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Giving this one a bump.

This my favorite of my “writing” so far. Looking forward to getting all of these essay type ramblings to book format. Starting that once my tablet arrives so i can get to work on it.

Day 93, 11:45pm:
If you listen closely enough to
patterns hidden within the rainfall,
you can hear even clearer than on
a calm night. You hear the
disturbances in the water. You can
almost pinpoint your focus to wash
away all other sounds into the
water and just keep your focus
clearly on what you’re listening for.
Giving a quick glance up, I’d say
it’s just before midnight judging
from the position of the moon.
Looking down to my hand I find a
brief, almost nostalgic comfort,
from the knife in my hand. Years
spent in the culinary field gave me
an apeciation of a good knife. The
weight and balance do all the work
for you when used properly.
I seem to be enjoying a brief
moment of pure calm and comfort,
feeling very comfortble in the
eliments around me at the time.
The calm is welcoming, yet almot
disapointing and troublesome in
In a last ditch effort to restore
some normality in my life I’m
almost forcing myself to feel worry,
concern, or fear.
Nothing. Just calm, clear headed,
and indiferent. Feel as a result
there’s almost some humanity lost,
but for the moment it’s probably
Suddenly I hear the break in the
rain pattern that I’ve been expeting.
I want to tell myself to calm down,
yet I still find myself frighteningly
calm and clear headed. It’s for the
best though, I don’t have time to
look for composure. From the
sound of it I have about 10 to15
I get myself into position, tighten
my grib on the knfe, and prepare
myself for what’s about to happen.
In about 10 seconds I’m going to
take a man’s life by lunging my
knife into his neck
10 minutes earlier:
Catching brief momemts of sleep
solely due to being awake for so
long now, but the pain still keeps
me up. Seemed I was just drifting
off when my backpack was ripped
from under my head and I was
somewhat dragged forward with it.
As I start to asses the situation I
realise that it’s an “associate” I
know, in a really bad drunken rage.
We scrap a little bit and I chase
him and the dog away.
About 30 seconds later, despite the
rain, I hear him coming again.
Things are heated. The screaming
and random swings keep coming
at me. All I want to do is try to rest
and heal up a bit. Not fighting a
drunken lunatic while I’m alreay
wounded and in excruciating pain.
Suddenly he throws his dog up
onto the ledge to attack me. Mind
you, this ia a very muscular boxer/pitbul mix, however looking into
the dog’s eyes, I could sense how
sincerely freaked out he was, and
that he wanted no part of this as
much as I did.
So I threw the dog out the back, got
a couple of key shots in, and
warned that this has to stop now.
3 Hours earlier:
Finlly it seems that the staff at
Uhaul is gone for the night, so I go
back into the truck yard and find
one with an open container, so I
can bed down and get out of the
rain that is going to start any
minute now.
I can barely climb into the truck
with this pain, and have the feeling
that sleeping on a metal floor with
3 broken ribs is going to present
quite the challenge tonight.
4 Hours earlier:
Looking up, I can tell the man
hovering over me means well by
trying to help me up, so I feel bad
for my tone as my responce was
“Don’t fucking touch me!!”
I was still busy proccessing the
damage, and making sure that
everything was still working, or at
least no much less than usual.
All I remember is other bike rider
coming out of nowhere, me
jamming the breaks, flying over the
handlebars and smashin into the
“Thank you, I just need a moment”
“Ok buddy, just trying to help” and
then he goes about hi day
“Two hours and I already hate this
damn bike” I murmer to myself.
2 Hours ealier:
Well I just spent my last $10 on an
awful new bike, but not left with
much choice at moment. This is all
I’m going to get with the money I
have. Have some cash coming in a
few days for producing clean urine
for a friend, but with my bike gone,
and appointments to make I need
this shitty bike for transportation.
“Fuck it, better than nothing. I’ll
take it”
6 Hours earlier:
I’m being tested here. That can be
the only explanation.
Having to help this idiot get himself
together, dressed, and get to his
court date first thing this morning.
Otherwise there will be a warrent
for his arest.
Considering that he has just
returned from 5 days missing,
crawling through the sewers, in an
Aderal psychosis.
I don’t have patience for this, but I
know he would do this for me.
The fact that he left 5 days ago on
my bike, and has returned with no
idea whatever happened to it, does
not help soothe my agrevation.
First thing first. He aint going to
help me get a new bike if he’s in
“Well, how much worse could this
day get”?

*note: after original wave of
feedback it’s clear that i have to
say, fortunately for both of us, The
drunk simply never returned the 3rd time,
so i never actually had to kill him.
Thank you all for your lack of
ability to just go with a flow of
story telling.
Couldn’t explain that in story while
maintaining structural and creative
Simply part of a new series of
accounts from my 195 on street
after i was kicked out of the

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Now that I’m housed

Since i have a couple of worlds colliding, I’m reposting this for quick wrap up of when, why, and what next
I’m housed for couple months now, so all good 🙂

Street Level Services
We Go Where the System Won’t

About SLS:
Simply put, we dedicate ourselves to helping who we can, when we can, however we can.
Founder, Gary Johnston, has taken his life experiences and used them to push through the barriers of a failing system.
In early 2011 Gary had become homeless. Not because of addiction, or because of a suffering economy, but like many people suffered extreme trauma in life, and one day it caught up and life became unmanagable.
From the time of becominmg homeless is was only a matter of weeks before realizing that while working on his own healing, there was a lot that he could do to help others right away.
While eperiencing a system that dragged people along with seemingly no relief in sight, it became crystal clear that peoples imediate needs were being grossly overlooked.
All the resources in the world won’t help you when you can’t make an apointment because you don’t have the transit cost to keep your apointments.
A shelter to sleep at night is great, but it don’t help when you’re pushed out into the street all day in the rain and cold without proper clothing. Being on a list for future housing does you no good if you won’t survive the winter.
The system can work, but there’s too many gaps left to chance.
A person who is jumping through hoops to keep up with all the red tape, and giving 100% effort to better their lives, should never have to choose between making it to an apointment or making it to a soup kitchen to eat.

In the first year of homelessness, Gary utalised his 15yrs of social media and managerial experience, to form contacts and build relationships with other organizations and individuals to start making imediate change. The best part is the help goes directly where it’s needed because from street level you know eactly who needs what.
In this time, right from the street, Gary has managed to supply clothing, hygiene products, food, camping gear, computers, phones, and more to hundred of people with imediate needs.
Organized multiple clothing and food drives, as well as group trips and outings to bring a sence of normalcy back to peoples lives so they don’t forget what it is they are trying to regain from life.
We’ve helped families make holiay special for thier children, and even housed an elderly man for the final months of his life.
Gary has opened people eyes to the harsh reality through his brutal unpolished writing of his expeiences, as well as had the oportunity to speak at the Social Media Strategies Summit on how homeless and NPO’s can utalize social media to gain an advantage outside of the sytem
All of this acomplished while homeless.

Now on more stable ground, with a roof over his head, it’s time for the vision to come to life on a larger level.

By supporting Street Level Services you will have one gaurantee, results, no matter how big or small.
Donating your money, you will have the satisfaction of knowing it’s going to directly help the overlooked and forgotten.
Donating your time you will have the satisfaction to see crutial gaps being filled in peoples lives.

What you won’t get supporting us:
You won’t get cute team Tshirts. We clothe those in need.
You won’t be called a hero. We’re all human, and caring for each other is a responsibilty. We simply focus on material, financial, and medical needs. We do not stroke egos. There are plenty of other organizations that will spend your money to make you a plaque or Tshirt. We are not that oranization.

At this time we need your help getting started so we can officially launch by Spring.
Once we’re up and running we will be able to supply you the info so your donations are tax exempt, but for right now we need you to help for one simple reason
People need help, and we are ready to keep giving it.

Please give with your heart, you can’t put a price on human dignity!

We also need equipment like computer/tablet, as well as taking any material donations you may want to prt with.
To arange material donations email BostonHomeless @ gmail

All help is greatly apreciated. We don’t just think outside the box, we act outside of it as well to get true results to make genuine impact

Thank You,
Gary Johnston
Founder Street Level Services

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Ankle busted, hope fading, & clarity from rage

I’ve had enough. Seriously, every time i think I’m a little ahead, there’s a reminder that no good deed goes unpunished.

Sitting in hospital waiting for a cast on my ankle.
Because i have Mass Health, and I’m in RI, they are going to bill me.

THE BEAUTY of the system is that they WANT ME IN THE STREET.
I’ve lost a bunch of resources now by taking a temp roof for the winter.
I stand a very good chance of losing my upcoming SSI COURT in April because of this as well.

I give what i get, I’ve taken a new more humane approach to life, but because i don’t want to roll over like a helpless animal, i loose.

This shit is just about over. I’m about done trying to “draw within the lines” of a system that wants to see me helpless and weak.
Its about time to bend that system over and screw it.

So for the moment,.I’m stuck at hospital, and when its time to go, I’ll be sent into the snow, with crutches, and a bill.
I have money i earned from a job yesterday that i was saving for a tablet, but that’s off the table now too.
That’s ok, I’ll get one, i just won’t go over the table anymore. Going back to my thug attitude. And frankly as for helping others, I’ll be able to do that much better as well. As long as i stick to the same respect for the system that it had given me, I’ll do just fine for myself and others.

As for the moment, what i really need is a few bucks to get home from the hospital later by cab.
I have cash at home, but none on me. I have my Paypal debit card with me.
Can Paypal the money back to you if you like, but can’t do it till Tues morning when bank opens. Have to deposit cash to send Paypal via debit.

As for everything else, i think I’ll be fine. Expect nothing from the system, so that is exactly what i will give to it.
Done jumping through hoops. Time to knock them down our walk right around them.


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Tablet Funds: Update- TABLET ORDERED!!

Ok here’s the deal. In order to get the site up to date, and to write properly with my Bluetooth keyboard, the phone is just not cutting it.
And that’s genuine, not just wanting upgrade….. Any editing blocks for the site are done in layers with fixed position and size that simply can’t be accessed on my phones resolution. And i wear contacts, so writing on the phone leaves me with serious headaches.

I need to get a tablet, and fast. No problem with cheapest one avail, or a nice one depending I funds raised, but i need something to get everything off the ground.
I have other blogs I’m trying to put up for revenue, so i need a tech upgrade asap.


Update: Samsung galaxy Tab2 7.0 ORDERED!!
pending delivery

Thank you so much to everyone for helping me reach this goal! With the money i earned (shady but legal lol), the donations totaling $70 helped me obtain this MUCH needed resource tool.


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Street Level Services: NPO Launch This Spring


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Coffee and shelter from the cold for the homeless this week

Ok here in Providence right now the wind chill is -4.

Plain & simple, any and all donations this week, or longer if need be, will go directly to purchasing McDonalds gift cards to hand out down along Broad St and Kennedy Plaza.
A five or ten dollar gift card gets someone allot of time in from the cold.

I’ll do the leg work in the cold, please help with what you can.
Use the donation button

Update: we are at $75

To send gift cards, scarfs, hats gloves, hands warmers, emergency blankets, and so on, direct to me
Contact me at gmail bostonhomeless
Twitter @bostonhomeless or Facebook.com/bostonhomeless


Act now, people will be dying this week, this us no joke

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This is a bad hit

Sitting here hours and just told apointment is still an hour away.
This means the chain reaction “the ride” is now costing money.
Will now dip into the money i need to make apointments tomorrow in Boston (I’m in providence, ri at ths moment) so now i can’t go to Boston.
Which means i can’t get my food stamps reinstated ($400 because they owe me retro) and will be probably 2 to 3 weeks before can get my meds now.
To the untrained eye it’s just $16
To my reality, few bad weeks coming


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