Returning to a years worth of work

My Samsung Tab2  7.0 arrives tomorrow. I haven’t had real tools to work with, or the desire/attention to over the last year.
When i left the shelter and started staying “out” i drifted pretty far from myself, so this place was last thing on my mind.
I gave the laptop i had to a very positive, hard working homeless mother, who was starting college classes.
Simply said, she needed it more then i did.

So since returning to society everything I’ve been writing and doing had been on my phone.
It’s very difficult, and in some cases impossible to do what i need to in cleaning this site up and updating everything.
As well as allot of writing to be done. So many experiences to write about.

Anyway, can’t wait to digg my heels in and get started!
Currently accepting donations for pizza and energy drinks for the days of no sleep coming up  🙂

Next 6 weeks is all Web work, doctor appointments, and lawyers, leading up to my disability court date.

Strap in kids, going to jump off in here soon lol


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