Writers / Bloggers wanted

Since I’ve just launched Street Level Services, I’d like to get this site rich in varied perspectives on the topic of homelessness.

So I’m looking to have writers come join me.
Ideally there would be a team of 5 or 6 writers,  including myself,  adding material on this site.
I would like to see a good mix. Looking for someone who leans towards political/numbers aspect.  Someone focusing on darker side, someone who can just talk shit and hold my attention, of which I have little lol

If you’re interested email me,  Gary @ homelesslife com
Send me …. number of words don’t matter,  just send me an article that’s on topic to homeless life.

Also tell me a little about yourself.

That’s it,  send me what you got.  Btw put it in the body of the email,  I won’t follow any links.